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Wedding directory gives information about everything connected to a wedding- from planning guide to honeymoon packages.

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Here are a few salient features of Ezydir that makes it popular amongst the customers.

  • Quick and Precise: Listings of all requirements for a wedding with powerful search options to filter from a variety of cuisines.
  • Attractive: Images and videos of real weddings capture the attention of visitors.
  • Lucrative: Promote sponsors and affiliated products enhancing revenue generation.
  • Continuous Customer Traffic :Blogs/articles of experiences from happy customers and ensure traffic flow
  • Accessibility : Mobile app makes it easier for customers to access
  • Social Integration : Provides the best and the fastest method of promotion through social media

Design a Wedding Directory for the Ultimate Wedding

Wedding is a very important event for most people and everyone wishes for a flawless one. A wedding directory brings together everything needed to realize the dream wedding. We provide you the perfect platform to launch the perfect wedding directory.

Listings of wedding requirements include venue, photographer & videographer, hotels and transport facility, decorators, beauticians, ceremony officiants/pundits and wedding planners. Special listings of vendors like florists, music and entertainment, jewellers, caterers take care of money flow. In addition to advertisement banners and promotions other monetisation features that can be utilised include charging for featured listings and creating varied membership packages. Providing wedding planning guides, and tips on the health and wellness of bride and groom and honeymoon destinations attract a lot of visitors.

At Ezydir the SEO is designed to ensure that the customers are easily found online. Expansive, user friendly features with attention to details have earned us many loyal customers. We assist you in giving your customers the perfect wedding experience.

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