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Power up your Business Directory with Ezydir

Ezydir helps you set up your own unique directory with brilliant features that will help generate revenue from your clients worldwide. Ezydir provides you with various ideas of pricing that you can use to change your visitors into users. We give business your directory a stunning look that will attract clients from worldwide. You can list various businesses on your directory so that visitors could find the information they are looking for.

Are you planning to create a Business directory website and earn money?

Make a business directory in any part of the country in an easy way. You are at the right place to choose the business directory software.

Want to start an Online Directory, but don’t know where to begin?

We are here to help you avoid all the mistakes that people make while creating a directory site. It’s not just a directory but a business that you develop and also it is a great business opportunity helping small businesses get noticed by customers looking for product or services.

Steps to start a Business Directory website

  1. Choose a unique Domain name. It's easy to use. Seo friendly and it includes business keywords.
  2. Choose relaible hosting with needed features and good pricing.
  3. Buy ezydir online business directory software.
  4. Disuss with the ezydir team your customisation needs.
  5. Change ezydir as per business.Insert Contents,images/ videos.
  6. Bring Traffic to the directory with SEO, increasing the number of listings.
  7. Start Earning  From Advertisements.

How to Make Money from an Online Business Directory?

Let’s say that you own a business directory called Asian Defence Directory and you got it to the top of the search engines with all the asia defence related key phrases. Then every defence related companies/individual would pay you a monthly fee to put up business listings and advertisments on your site, so that he could benefit from your traffic and your great search engine positioning..

How to select your niche (Specific trade) to build business directory?

For example, you could focus on: 

  1. Restaurants Directory
  2. Hotels Directory
  3. Defence Suppliers
  4. Oil filed directory
  5. Wedding Suppliers Directory
  6. Realestate Agents Directory
  7. Hospitals and Clinics Directory
  8. Shipping Directory
  9. Plumbers  and Electricians Directory
  10. Membership Directories   etc..

Why choose Ezydir as your Business Directory software?

Considering features, expenditure, and easiness all together, Ezydir is the best choice for business directory. Whatever functionality you want in your directory website,  most likely it is already built in.There are several ways to make money from online directories, but most relevant revenue sources through ezydir are Paid listings and Advertising (banners, text advertising, video advertising, etc ). Ezydir offers different levels for business listings and banner listings. Advertisers can choose differnt sizes and positions for banners according to thier budget that will give more income to the directory owners.

The key to achieve success with an online directory is to become the leader in your business industry.

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