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Create a day-to-day deal for multiple products/services on your directory that enables your clients choose and buy the desired deal. Clients can create their own deals and share it on their social media pages for inbound traffic

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Why Deals?

Visitors can Redeem and Share Deals.

Allow Sponsors to manage Deals

If you’re looking to bring in new visitors to your directory, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, then Deals and Coupons can help. Ezydir deals allow the premium sponsors to post their deals, coupon offers from their page. Exciting deals and offers always attract people and that is why we help you build your Deal Store perfectly. Visitors can redeem deals from the directory and the Integration with Social Media is a plus point that you get working with Ezydir. We create a platform for you where you can share or post your deals or the links on your Social media pages in order to attract more traffic.

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Access Deals Easily

The well built interface allows the sponsors to access deals easily. Display your best deals in 'featured deals' section. Provide pricing and discount details for each deal.

Deals on Social Media

Sponsors can share deals on social media platforms like facebook, twiiter and lure more traffic towards their website.

Deal Sale

Sponsors can make money through deal sale on weekly or monthly basis and earn money by promoting deals in Featured Deals.

Multiple Deals Opening

This feature can create day-to-day deal for single or multiple products/services on your website easily and quickly. Ezydir deals script allows the sponsors to create a deal for any product/service and exhibit it anywhere on the site. They can create as many deals as they like in your directory. You can also share it on media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Hot deals from locations

Moreover, with the deal features of the directory, the sponsors can configure to show hot deals from different positions (based on region, location, zipcode and Keywords) to give the most professional look to their directory.

Customer Oriented

Sponsors can select start date and end date for each deal. Deals status is automatically changed based on the deal’s running time. With an eye catching design for deals script, the Deal module integrates the directory with feature, motivating the customers to engage more.

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