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With bookmarking option the visitors can save any content that they wish to explore later.

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Mark your favourite contents
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Having a bookmarking facility in your directory is really important because bookmarking option enables the visitors to save the web page of any listings, articles, blogs or events etc. for future visitation. Due to inavoidable reasons sometimes visitors quit browsing and when they come back they have to start from the begining so in order to save time and overcome frustration bookmarking system helps a lot. The bookmarks made by the visitors get stored in their profiles so that they can access it easily in future. The bookmarked content can be edited and deleted by the visitor from their account.

Bookmark everything you like

Bookmark Anything

Visitors get the power of bookmarking absolutely everything whether it is a listing, blog, article, event or classified.

Create Visitor's Account

In order to bookmark a particular offer, the visitor has to create a Visitor's account helping the owner to maintain a database

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