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A directory of Automobile Servicing & Restoration Specialists

Garage Directory is useful for people to find a garage in their locality and get their automobiles repaired or serviced.

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Build the largest online Garage Directory

Garage Directory helps to locate the nearest Garages/Shops and more. With the garage directory you can view the complete list of garages in a locality. Display Reviews, Deals and Coupons for Garages. Allow users to get phone numbers, addresses, maps & driving directions through your Garage Directory. Ezydir is an online directory software which can be used to design and develop your Garage Directory according to your choice. Ezydir can  also be used to create a clone of an existing website with exact same features and appearance.

Salient Features of Ezydir

  • Quick and Precise: Listings of all garages in your country with powerful search options to filter between states and cities.
  • Attractive: Images and videos of garage work helps to capture the attention of visitors.
  • Lucrative: Promoting sponsors and affiliated products enhances revenue generation.
  • Continuous Customer Traffic :Blogs/articles of experiences from happy customers and ensure traffic flow.
  • Accessibility : Mobile app makes it easier for customers to access.
  • Social Integration : Provides the best and the fastest method of promotion through social media.

1) Listing Categories

The Sponsors can post their listings and they can categorize and subcategorize their postings. eg. if you  have categorized your listings based on countries and then you can subcategorize the listings on basis of State or City which will help visitors to find the desired listings with ease.

2) Advertiser Administration Panel

Admin panel allows the advertisers to put up and remove ads as a part of their product endorsement. The advertisers can post ads about their specialities in the vehicle repair and services which will be helpful for the visitors to locate.

3) Rating and Review System

Ezydir offers to its clients the option of rating and reviewing where the visitors can rate a particular listings and write reviews about it. Visitors can write their experience on browsing your directory which will leado more traffic.

4) Google Integration

Ezydir creates directories integrated with various google services like- Google map: visitors can browse the location of the sponsors through your directory. Google Analytics: Admin can check the flow of traffic on his/her directory through google analytics and take necessary SEO steps for visibility over search engines and for attracting more visitors. Google Sitemap: your directory and all the internal links will automatically be submitted on Google sitemap.

5) Integration with Social Media

Ezydir is always up to date and that is what we supply to our customers. Social media is platform that connects people from all over the world. We provide social media integration in the directory so that the sponsors could share their information directly from your directory. The sponsors can be charged for giving this option.

6) Mobile Apps

We are also specialists in building Mobile Applications. We can develop a mini version of your directory that is the mobile app that will help more people to access your directory with ease. Mobile apps prove really helpful because people use mobile phones more that they use a computer therefore accessing a directory is much more comforting.


Why Ezydir?

Ezydir has successfully been creating directory websites for the last 6 years for customers around the world. We know your expectations and we are well known for our services. We develop directories with features that can be understood and accessed by a common man. We provide you with a directory, where you can get your sponsors to display their banners and ads through which you can generate high revenue.

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