Keywords and phrases are the deciding factor for your website. Without relevant keywords or phrases your site will never show up the search engine results.

What is a keyword?

The keyword or phrase is an important word in your content that will help people in finding your website through search engines. Keywords are really important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When users want to search an information they just type few words related to their query and the search engines will display the results based on the words or phrases entered. While building a website, you want to make sure that the name of your business appears at the top of the search engine's result and that is where keywords help you.

Important things about Keywords

Relevant Keywords

It is easier to sort out the keywords at the beginning and then create your content based on those keywords. While creating keywords you must be very careful because you have put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients and type words which they are most likely to search.

Focus on every page

You must focus on all the pages and create web pages based on the relevant keywords. You must not put all your keywords in a single content wait for the search engines to accept it and display in the results. You must only insert keywords relevant  to your content. Using any keyword may result in affecting the quality of your content.

See what your competitors are doing

You might not have a business as big as your competitor’s but one thing that put you on the same boat is SEO. You must see what strategies they are applying and try use such keywords and phrases in your content so that the Search engines would display your web page in the search results.

3 major mistakes made with the keywords

  • Not thinking about the relevant keywords.

  • Inserting keywords that people never look for.

  • Not knowing the which search terms most of the people use.

Different types of Keywords

There are mainly 2 types of Keywords and they are:

1) Broad Keywords

   Broad keywords are single terms typed in the search bars. As they are less specific, they display a wide array of results. In the case of broad keywords, your website link or ad may appear whenever a search includes any word in your phrase. Though broad keywords may not bring up your website when people search for but there is a chance that the visitors might click your link when searching for unrelated topics.

2) Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords is a phrase that is very specific to a given content. These keywords  attract less website traffic but most of the time they lead to higher conversions. Long-tail keywords are likely to get you more quality hits and conversions.

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